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Royal Cash Policy

  • Published on 12 Jun, 2019
  • By RL Mart

RL Welcome Bonus (Royal Life Cash) Policies and Regulations:

1st Single Invoice of more than 1350 BV are called RLB Welcome Bonus, these points are accumulated into RLCash wallet on purchasing single order of 1350 Self Business Valume. The RLCash points can be used for personal repurchase-order, irrespective of the additional balance available in RLCash wallet.

How can it be earned ?

RLCash points are generated on 1st single invoice purchasing of more then 1350 BV. For Example1 consider that you have generated a total of 1350 BV  single purchasing for the repurchase 750 to 2500 RLB.
RLB Cash points are generated for Repurchase. RLB Cash points cannot be enchased under any circumstances and cannot be promoted as income.

What is the validity & cancellation of RLCash ?

RLCash is valid for 6 months. Thus on cancellation Of any repurchase order, ONLY expiring part of RLB Cash utilised in the repurchasing would be non-refunded. Any order which is cancelled within the stipulated time period of 30 days, only those RLB Cash points, which have been redeemed, will not be reverted to the respective RBR's RLB cash wallet.

Other policies:

If RLCash is availed through a promotion and consumed on purchase, those rewards points cannot be redeemed on cancellation and it will remain deducted from the total refund due in Cash. If the payment is done using RLCash and Cash, cancellation charges, if any, will be deducted from the total refund due on priority basis first from Cash and then RLCash. RLCash will be credited to the same account through which you are logged in while making the repurchase on RBR"s dashboard. In case of cancellation, the refund amount to be paid to the RBR would be the amount after deducting the RLCash value. 
For example, if purchase is done for an amount of Rs.2000 with 20% RLCash. In case there is a cancellation with full refund, only Rs.1600 will be returned to the received payment mode while the Rs.400 will remain in RLCash balance.This Rs.400 cannot be refunded to the received payment mode. In the event that the RBR opts for a refund in the form of RLCash, the RBR may or may not receive bonus RLCash in accordance with the promotional offer policies availed from time to time. In addition to the above, refund is also subjected to Royal Life’s general terms & conditions available on our official web portal www.royallifemart.com.

Other Regulations:

RLCash balance is displayed on RBR application dashboard and cannot be accounted for any balance transfer requests. Promotion of RLCash as an independent income, will strictly considered as a violation of business plan. Royal Life Multi Trade Services limited holds the right to cancel all or partial RLCash granted to the user, at any point in time without any prior notice. In case of any disputes, Royal Life‘s decision will be final. In order to use RLCash, you need to login to your RBR account and while purchasing the order you have to choose RLCash as an option to wave off a maximum of upto 50 % of the invoice BV. One can choose whether to use RLCash or not as per individual purchase order plan. Every transaction where the RBO uses RLCash as a mode of payment will be validated through RBR username, password and/or a unique OTP or a transaction password sent on registered mobile number. Each time the RBR redeems or earns RLCash, the same will be intimated to the Customer on registered email and/or mobile. 
RLCash shall not be liable for any hacking or unauthorized use of the RBR’s account and it shall be the sole responsibility of the RBR to ensure privacy and confidentiality of their account details. RLCash cannot be redeemed to pay taxes and any other extra charges.

We are always available to help

  • Helpline: +91-1282-250251
  • Email: info@rlmart.online
  • Corporate Office: Royal Tower Basement , Singhana Road, Opposite Forest Office, Narnaul (HR) India-123001, (Timing 10 AM to 5:30 PM)

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